Responsibility Chart


A responsibility chart is a two dimensional matrix with role related to either an activity, decision, or outcome of a process. The intersection of the process is the RASCI for this role.


Two dimensional matrix relating the role to the activity, decision, or outcome of a process.

A cell in the matrix contains the RASCI Responsibility of this role. This type of diagram is typically done once for a process and then maintained as the process matures.

Languages, Notations, Conventions

RASCI = Responsible, Accountable, Support, Consulted and Informed.

Methods - Create, Analysis, Identify

Identify roles

Identify process, activities, outcomes,

Create a Responsibility Chart (a Table mapping outcomes to roles.

Modelling Techniques

Use of a simple Table or matrix with outcomes on the left column with Roles across the top. The specific RASCI allocated to a role is located at the intersection of outcome and role. Generally a single letter is used.




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